BBQ Condiments Box
BBQ Condiments Box

BBQ Condiments Box

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The Bourbon Rib Co established in 2013 has their popular sauce full of Sweet & Smokey.  Authentic Kentucky style, this Bourbon BBQ Sauce is perfect for all types of meat.

The Texan Steakhouse Rub is another one for the meat lover. Season a lightly oiled cut of steak generously with this seasoning about 30 minutes before you plan to grill it. Poultry and seafood taste just as good when prepared this way. The flavour of this seasoning is a typical BBQ one, it adds succulent sweet & spicy steakhouse flavour to your BBQ.

In our BBQ Condiments Box you will find -

     Two Black Dogs Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
     Emersons Pilsner Craft Beer 500ml
     Wild Appetite BBQ Sauce 150ml
     Texan Steakhouse Rub 100g
     The Meat Room Bourbon BBQ Sauce 400ml
     Noble Maple Syrup 60ml

Comes complete in a Cardboard Corrugated Gift Box finished with ribbons and carefully packaged in a Cardboard Outer for freight
Includes a message Gift Card
Props in photos not included
Gf = Gluten Free
Df = Dairy Free

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