Pasta and Parmesan

Pasta and Parmesan

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For effortless grating of Parmesan, the Adhoc Pisa Cheese Grater has an integrated gearing system for effortless grating. Etched blades softly grate all varieties of hard cheese. Easy removal of the grater drum for cleaning. Ergonomically shaped for big or small hands. 16cm dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel and plastic.

Traditional handmade Pasta in colourful long twisted stripes.  This genuine delicious and stunning Pasta comes in shelf ready packaging. 

Parmareggio is a leading maker of Parmesan Cheese.  Is a hard granular cheese with a long and natural maturation and goes beautifully with pasta dishes, pizza breads and Italian style cooking.  Our Parmigiano Reggiano is tasty and harmonious with a crumbly, balanced texture it is aged for 30 months.

In our Pasta and Parmesan Hamper you will find -
     Rattan French Bread Tray - reusable
     Adhoc Pisa Cheese Grater 16cm 
     Lingua Di Soucera Pasta 250g 
     Barnier Olives Pistou 100g
     A L/Olivier Lemon Olive Oil 150ml
     Telegraph Hill Fennel & Burnt Olives 200g
     Parmesan Crackerthins 75g
     French Country Striped Napkin
     Parmesan Cheese 150g

Comes complete in a rattan French Bread Tray with Ribbons and Fern and carefully packaged in a Cardboard Outer for freight
Includes a message Gift Card
Props in photos not included
Gf = Gluten Free
Df = Dairy Free

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