Simpkins Sweets Tin

Simpkins Sweets Tin

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Classic favourite sweets to fix that lolly craving. 

Proudly made in Great Britain with only the finest ingredients, natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes, ensures that you are buying the finest high grade sweets available.

A regal and sublime Rose Flavoured confection all contained within a classic botanical designed tin.  All natural and gluten free and perfect for long trips and travel.  ‎

Or choose Simpkins Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Drops which contain no artificial colours or flavours. The sweeteners are Isomalt and Sucralose.

A perfect addition to help celebrate any occasion in our Create Your Own Hampers.

The Price includes:
     Simpkins Sweets Candy Tin - Botanical Rose 150g, Gf or

     Simpkins Sweets Candy Tin - Sugar Free 175g, Gf, Sf

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